Margaret Dallow,  Honorary Life Member

Following the sad news of Margaret Dallow’s death, it is appropriate to record the part that she played in the early and  later development of this Society.

In the early 1990s Margaret was Founding Chairman of Solihull DFAS. Its success  led to a very large waiting list for membership. She persuaded her husband Peter to take the lead in setting up the Arden Society to accommodate the evident large interest in the Arts in the local area.

Together they created the administrative framework and assembled an executive committee with Peter becoming the founding Chairman of the new Society.

Margaret was also involved in  work with the NADFAS West Midlands Area and the NADFAS central organisation serving there on several influencial committees..

Throughout the years from 1996 to the present day, Margaret helped successive chairmen with valuable advice. She attended meetings and functions regularly until quite recently. The respect in which she was held  led to her being elected an Honorary Life Member of the Society in 2006.

 The great debt  the Society, and the wider Arts community,  owe to Margaret Dallow is now acknowledged and recorded here.


THE ARTS SOCIETY/ NADFAS and the Arden Society

The National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts, now renamed The Arts Society, is a leading arts charity which opens up the world of the arts through local societies and national events. The Society works to advance decorative and fine arts education alongside promoting the preservation of the country's national heritage. Support is given to over 375 local societies across the UK, and also in continental Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

The base of the Arden Society is in Solihull but we draw our membership from a wider area of  Warwickshire and The West Midlands.

Details of Society activites can be found within this website which is designed for existing members and visitors. The section dealing with Lectures has details of our programme up to the end of 2019 and the information on other Events appears as soon as the details become available.

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The March, April and May Lectures, the Spring Lunch and the Visit to Wormsley Library have all  been cancelled.

Further information is being sent to members by email and post.

A letter from the Chairman detailing the arrangements can be found in the Documents section