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Georgia :
The Land of the Golden Fleece
John Osborne Thursday 25 October 2018

Georgia was one of the first nations to adopt Christianity: the lecture mentions how this came about and then concentrates particularly on the fine tradition of church building and architectural decoration, showing Byzantine and also some oriental influences from over 1,500 years ago until the present day. Mediaeval artefacts, such as manuscripts, icons and enamelled devotional items, are now museum pieces. All this is put in the context of Georgia’s ancient tradition of gold working, which gave rise to the Greek legend of the Golden Fleece, and its Caucasian landscape, which – among other factors – has given this country’s culture such a strong individual character.

Lecturer John Osborne graduated in Classics at Cambridge University and taught Classics at Marlborough College for over thirty years. He has also worked for the British Council in Iran and Turkey. He lectures in Islamic Civilisation; is a Tutor at Marlborough College Summer School; a Lecturer in Department of Continuing Education, University of Bath; a Guide at Salisbury Cathedral and a lecturer on cruises. He has also led numerous study tours to Bulgaria, Romania, Iran, and Turkey and other countries in S.E. Europe and the Mediterranean.


Image :      Monument:  Princess Medea Holding the Golden Fleece,   Batumi Georgia