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31 January 2019Enamelling : History,Techniques and Key Examples
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30 May 2019Lost on the Titanic : The Story of the Great Omar Binding
27 June 2019Stranger than Fiction : The Incredible Story of Jan van Eyck's Great Altarpiece at Ghent
26 September 2019Dame Zaha Hadid
31 October 2019Threads of History : The World of the Bayeux Tapestry
28 November 2019Giles : His Life, Times, and Cartoons

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Enamelling : History,Techniques and Key Examples Sally Hoban Thursday 31 January 2019

The Art of Enamelling

This lecture examines the materials, techniques and history of enamelling in the decorative arts from Ancient Egypt to the present day, including jewellery and metalwork. There is a particular focus on enamelling in the Arts and Crafts Movement and Art Nouveau.

Lecturer Sally Hoban is an Honorary Research Fellow at The University of Birmingham and has lectured extensively on art, design and antiques throughout the UK. Sally has broadcast on BBC 2, BBC 4 and Radio 4 and her publications include Miller’s Collecting Modern Design. She is a freelance arts journalist for local, national and international media. Sally has a PhD in the history of Art and Design from The University of Birmingham.

image :  Arts and `Crafts carved and pierced jade in enamel-work frame