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Marie Antoinette and Elizabeth Vigee Le Brun Dr Marie-Anne Mancio Thursday 27 September 2018

Louis XVI’s Queen acted as a patron to Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun, one of France’s most famous female artists (and one whose husband gambled away her hard-earned fortune). Both women shared a dress designer in the innovative rags-to- riches Rose Bertin. It was Bertin’s fashions and Vigée Le Brun’s naturalistic style of portraiture that created Marie- Antoinette’s image and attempted to defuse ‘the Austrian’s’ unpopularity. Explore their creative collaborations and learn what became of these remarkable women during the Revolution.

image ; Marie Antionette a la Rose , Vigee le Brun

Lecturer Marie-Anne Mancio trained as an artist before gaining a PhD in Art and Critical Theory from the University of Sussex. She has lectured in art history for the City Lit, Tate Modern, the Course, Art in London, London Art Salon, Dulwich Picture Gallery, the Nth Degree Club and many private art societies. She also runs art history study tours abroad.