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28 June 2018The Silver Thread : Silver Filigree and the Traditional Arts of Kosovo
31 May 2018Stamford Raffles: Art Collector and Discoverer of Singapore
19 April 2018As Good as Gold
29 March 2018Edward Burne-Jones and the Pre-Raphaelite Legacy
22 February 2018"Cool Painting" : The Art of Piero della Francesca
25 January 2018Thomas Heatherwick; The Leonardo da Vinci of Our Times
30 November 2017Three Adalucian Cities : Cordoba, Granada and Seville
26 October 2017Artists and Espionage : The Lawn Road Flats NW3 Modernist Living in mid-20th Century London
28 September 2017Image and History : Art at the Lansdowne Club
29 June 2017Sir John Soane , Architect of Lost London
25 May 2017Versailles and the Politics of Porcelain

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The Silver Thread : Silver Filigree and the Traditional Arts of Kosovo Elizabeth Gowing Thursday 28 June 2018

From the early Kosovan silver mines which are mentioned in Dante, through the twentieth century politics over Kosovo’s mines which resulted in both a war and a golf course, a silver thread winds through Kosovo’s history. Its most intricate tanglings are in the country’s cultural capital, Prizren, where a seventh generation of filigree artisans use ‘filum’ and ‘granum’, zigzags, ‘mouse-tooth’ designs and other twists and turns to magic lacy creations from dull sticks of raw material. The results – in boxes, buttons, jewellery, religious ornamentation and the talismans of superstitition – are a fine narrative of Kosovo’s history and traditions.

image : Siver Filigree Jewelry, Kosovo

Lecturer Elizabeth Gowing studied at Magdalen College Oxford before training as a teacher. She moved to Kosovo in 2006 and there worked with the Ethnological Museum in Prishtina and co-founded ‘The Ideas Partnership’, a charity working on education and cultural heritage projects. She speaks fluent Albanian and has translated two books. She is also the author of four books about Kosovo, most recently, The Silver Thread, A Journey Through Balkan Craftsmanship. She has appeared on Radio 4 and the BBC World Service 

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