These projects were started in 2010 and Arden DFAS was one of the first societies to take part in this initiative. A Trail is an illustrated questionnaire of between 12 - 14 questions which are intended to guide young people, aged between 8 and 12 years approximately, around the church and draw their attention to the architecture, the furnishings, the history etc. A Trail is designed to encourage children and the adults accompanying them, to explore the building, to learn about it and its part in our national heritage and we hope, make them want to visit other churches - there are a good number of NADFAS Trails around the country each with a carefully researched set of answers for the adults.

The group have completed three local church trails for young people aged 8 - 12, the most recent of which was presented to the Parish Church of St James the Great, Shirley, on 6 December 2015.

Currently, two Arden DFAS members are part of a small regional team working to produce similar trails for use in non - Christian places of worship.  

Set up in 2015, the Birmingham Trails Project is an entirely new NADFAS initiative.  The team has working on a trail for the Gurdwara (the Sikh place of worship) in Soho Road, Birmingham. This Gurdwara trail is complete and copies were given to all those who attended the Arts Society AGM in May.  The trail for Singers Hill Synagogue is well on the way to completion.

It is also planned that trails for a synagogue and a mosque will follow but no recent information is available.