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12 October 2017Study Day: St Petersburg
04 April 2017Spring Lunch
09 February 2017Study Day - Iran
12 October 2016The Shakers of North America : Their Beliefs, Architecture and Artefacts

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Study Day: St Petersburg Dr Rosamund Bartlett Thursday 12 October 2017

Study Day in The Core Theatre, Solihull.

St Petersburg : The Psychology of a City

Arriving in St. Petersburg in pre-revolutionary times was always a thrilling experience. Imagine stepping off the train and into a troika which would transport you noiselessly over the snow down impossibly wide, long streets - past spacious squares and enormous classical buildings, past imperial ministries, embassies, and imposing cathedrals with gilded domes. The city’s dignity and grandeur were everywhere apparent. St. Petersburg has some of the most beautiful facades of any city in the world. But what went on behind those facades during imperial times? Peter the Great had before him a vast tabula rasa when planning his future capital at the beginning of the 18th century. The city he built was truly sumptuous but it came at a price. This study day tells the story of the buildings of St. Petersburg, as well as the life that went on inside the buildings focusing particularly on the city’s writers, musicians and artists, for whom this incredible city definitely had a personality sometimes enigmatic, sometimes tragic which they immortalized in their paintings, music and literary works.

Our lecturer, Dr Rosamund Bartlett has a Doctorate from the University of Oxford and has held senior university posts, most recently at the European University Institute in Florence. She specializes in comparative study of art, music and literature, and is currently writing a book on the Russian Avant-Garde and European Modernism. She is the Author of several books, including biographies of Tolstoy and Chekhov, whose works she has also translated for Oxford World's Classics. Dr Bartlett has extensive experience lecturing in Russian cultural history at venues such as the V&A, the National Theatre and Covent Garden, and broadcasts regularly on the BBC.

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Image : Church of the Spilled Blood, St Petersburg